Angela Boyle promotes her own work as well as the work of others in Awesome 'Possum, her natural science anthology.


Village Books

Interview for the Village Books blog, a book store in Angela's hometown, Bellingham, WA, as part of her Awesome 'Possum 2 book tour.

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High-Low: Thirty Days of CCS #17 (2018)

Rob Clough. Review of Artema #1, written by Rachel Cholst.

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Optical Sloth: Artema #1

Kevin Bramer. Review of Artema #1, written by Rachel Cholst.

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Jane Lindholm and Sam Gale Green.
Review of Ladybroad Ledger featuring Angela's comic.

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The Comics Journal: It Is the Bad Time

Craig Fischer. Review of It is the Bad Time, including Angela's comic, "Spores."

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High-Low: Thirty Days of CCS #12 (2015)

Rob Clough. Review of multiple CCS alums.

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Awesome 'Possum reviews

To see reviews that are specifically about Awesome 'Possum volumes,
see the Awesome 'Possum website.

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